The Bell Witch


The story of the Bell Witch.

Everyone has heard of the Bell Witch, but do you really know the true story behind this ghostly haunting?

No one is for sure who really haunts the entire area of Adams, Tennessee; however, it is believed to be Kate Batts. The story goes like this. In 1817 at John Bell farm, the family begins to hear scratching and knocking sounds throughout their entire home. However, this is only the beginning. The ghost is not pleased with the family pretty much ignoring her eerie rapping’s and becomes more violent. She begins to kick and pull the hair of every family member. The one she targets the most is Betsy Bell. This little girl is kicked, bruised, pinched and even stuck with pins from unseen hands and feet. The ghost would appear in human form and screams were heard day and night. There was no peach for the Bell Family. It is believed that the ghost, Kate Batts, was back for revenge against John Bell over a sour business deal.

This vengeful ghost began to travel throughout the entire county wreaking havoc everywhere she went. This ghost did not make it a secret who she was and even identified herself as Kate Batts. Rumors flew all around Tennessee about the ghost at the Bell farm and General Andrew Jackson stopped by to witness the hauntings. After General Jackson visited the Bell farm, John Bell became fatally ill and it was reported that the witch was seen hovering close by his bed and harassing the General until he breathed his last breath. She was seen at his funeral, laughing and cursing through the entire service.

Poor Betsy Bell was tormented by the ghostly witch until she married and moved from the county. It has been reported that others that lived in the home years later reported strange occurrences, dark apparitions and screams from the Bell cemetery close by the home.

Today, you can take a tour of the Bell Cave that is claimed to be the Bell’s witch’s home, if you dare.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch

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