The Borley Rectory


The story of The Borley Rectory.

The Borely Rectory in London had the title of "The most haunted house in England", however this mysterious, eerie, and scary rectory burned to the ground in 1939 along with all the mysteries it held.

In the beginning, the rectory was the monastery for Benedictine monks. The Waldergraves purchased the monastery and lived there for nearly centuries. By the end of the 1800’s a new monastery was built on the site. However, shortly after the monastery was completed strange and unusual occurrences began to happen. This was no longer the serene and quiet place it once had been.

As one legend goes, a nun and a monk planning to elope: while were fleeing the monastery by horse and carriage when they were caught and sentenced to death. It has been told that to this day, the monk is seen wandering the grounds close to the tree where he was hung. The nun it is believed was sealed inside one of the walls of the Borley’s Rectory while she was still alive for the punishment of her sins.

Many visitors have seen the ghostly horse and carriage as if still attempting to flee that awful night so many years gone by.

Reverend Lionel Foyster purchased the property and tried to rid the Rectory of its ghosts in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s. The attempts did not help. His wife was thrown from her bed, personal items and other objects in the home were broken and smashed, and mysterious writings would appear on the walls.

After the fire in 1939, human remains were discovered in the walls.

To this day, the property is still haunted though no one is around to witness the cries for help. Will anyone ever know if the skeleton remains were those of the nun from the legend? Will anyone ever discover who wrote the writings on the wall? Is anyone brave enough to stay the night on the grounds?

The Borley Rectory

The Borley Rectory

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