The Winchester Mansion


The story of The Winchester Mansion.

One of the strangest and most unusual haunts in America has to be that of Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California.

William Winchester, the famed Winchester Rifle creator and his child died way before their time. Sara Winchester met with a psychic concerned about the death of her husband and only child. The psychic told her that the premature deaths were from evil spirits that had died at the end of the Winchester rifles that her husband had made. She went all to state that these spirits would also find her and it would be her demise.

To protect herself, the psychic went on to tell her that she must confuse the evil spirits so they could not find her. The construction could never stop or the evil spirits would locate her and that would be her end. She began construction immediately and for 38 years, 24 hours a day, construction was never ending until her death on September 5, 1922. She held nightly sťances in the mansions bell tower and would direct the workman the next day on the good spirits guidance. The mansion today has an estimated 160 rooms; no one knows the exact number, 10,000 windows, 3 elevators, 47 fireplaces, and 47 bathrooms. Not only is the mansion huge but it has stairways that crisscross one another, some leading nowhere or to the ceiling, trap doors, hidden chimney, doors that open up to brick walls, and doors that open to a four story drop. Sara Winchester had an obsession with the number 13 which can be seen with bedrooms with 13 windows, all staircases except one has 13 steps, all the stained glass windows have 13 panes, the sinks have 13 drain holes, and even her will was written in 13 parts and signed 13 times.

Today, the home give tours and workmen are restoring the home to its magnificent awe. However, what about ghosts? Yes, many tour guides and workmen have report ghostly sighting every day. They believe that Sara is still in the home and others that are unknown. Voices can be heard when no one is there, temperature drops, screams at all hours of the day and night, objects floating in mid-air, doors opening and closing and lights turning on and off by unseen hands.

The Winchester Mansion

The Winchester Mansion

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