The Osceola Inn


The story of the Osceola Inn in Reed City Michigan.

When Osceola Inn was first built in 1881 by Daniel Oaks is was a wood frame hotel. He sold the Inn to the King Brothers who used the Inn for the King Hotel and Saloon. The King Hotel and Saloon burned to the ground in 1884. However, this did not stop these ambitious brothers. They rebuilt the hotel, this time with three stories and using brick instead of wood. They sold their hotel in the early 1900ís when it finally took on the name of the Osceola Hotel. Once again, the hotel was sold and all other buildings on the property, this time to Ray and Anita Rogalla, who now changed the name to the Osceola Inn.

From the time of its creation, the Osceola Inn had many guests. Several people enjoyed their stay and others died while enjoying the peace and serenity of the area. Many have witnessed those that have refused to live the Inn even after death knocked at their door. As a matter of fact if you visit Osceola Inn at 110 E. Upton Ave in Reed City, Michigan you will signs posted asking you to report any ghostly activity to the front desk.

Some of the things that guests have reported include cold spots, voices, unexplained electrical abnormalities, noises and bumps in the night, doors opening and shutting, the feel of someone else in the room, and seeing someone just out of the corner of their eye that vanishes once they turn their heads.

On the third floor of the Inn, this is where Josephine and Andrew lived and strange sounds have been heard. As the story goes, Andrew would beat Josephine and it seems he is still practicing his beatings today.

Other ghosts include Peter on the second floor. He was a gambler that was down on his luck and took his own life in the room. Audrey loves the bar area on the first floor. She lived at one time in the hotel with her children. She died of an unknown illness. Louisa is on the second floor, where she fell to her death. Another unknown man died of a heart attack while sleeping in a room on the second floor.

These are just a few of the ghosts that have allowed guests to know they were present. Maybe you can find a few more when you visit Osceola Inn.

The Osceola Inn

The Osceola Inn

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