Portland Oregon Famous Haunts


Some Portland, Oregon famous haunts.

Traveling to Portland Oregon can be very exciting if you decide to check out the haunted places around town. The most famous haunts include the Witch’s Castle, The White Eagle Café, and the Falcon Apartments.

The Witch’s Castle is an area where the crossroads of two trails lead to the coast of Oregon. At this location way back in the 1600’s there stood a stone trading shack, today nothing except ghost are left behind. Local residents claim that this area is the spot for “ghost wars”. No one knows exactly what really happens here during one of the ghost rituals except that if you are present it has been told that it is almost impossible to run away.

The White Eagle Café throughout history has been a brothel, a hotel, and a boarding house. Today, many people enjoy eating at the café; however, several employees have different tales to tell. Some of the mysterious tales include a waitress while going to the basement was pushed down the stairs by unseen hands. The bartender and bouncer who were working at the same time ran to aid only to learn that a mop and mop bucket were thrown down on them.

One owner noted he had heard someone crying upstairs, he went upstairs where the crying became more intense and caused the hairs on his back to rise. He then crossed the street in a mad dash since he could not find anyone upstairs and from the upstairs room he was a glowing figure in the room where the crying was heard. By his own recollection, no one had been near the room in thirteen years.

Others have noted flushing toilets, moving furniture, whispering voices, finding mints and coins dating back over forty years lying around.

Last but certainly not least is the Falcon Apartments. This is where two ghosts enjoying living. These two have been seen close to the mailboxes and near the manager’s apartment. It is believed that the ghosts are Mr. Cooke who took care of the mailboxes in need of repair and another resident Jimmy. Mr. Cooke has been seen where his chair once was, walking down the hallway, and of course near the mailboxes. He died in 1989. Jimmy was a quiet fellow that only talked with a few residents who had a fear of dying alone. Jimmy did in fact die alone but remains at Falcon Apartments. Many have heard the knockings on doors, slamming mailboxes, and other strange occurrences in apartment 101. Some believe there may be a third ghost haunting the apartments but no name has been given as of this day.

Enjoy your stay in Portland, but pay attention when visiting these locations, you may find yourself speaking with a ghost.

Portland Oregon Famous Haunts

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