Goddess of Death


The story of the Goddess of Death.

Many different objects have been considered haunted or cursed throughout the dawn of time. However, not too many really bring on death to the owners. The Women from Lemb statue is one that does so much so that the statue is commonly referred to as Goddess of Death.

The statue was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cyprus. It has been dated to 3500 B.C. and is believed to represent a goddess of the time by noted historians. The statue was created with pure limestone.

The first owner of this “haunted statue” was Lord Elphont. History does not explain the way in which all 7 members of the Elphont met their demise only that all 7 passed away within 6 years after becoming the proud owners of the Goddess of Death.

Next in line to have the Goddess of Death in their possession was Ivor Manucci. All of his family died within 4 years of having this statue in their home.

Lord Thompson-Noel became of the owner after the deaths of all of the Manucci, however, his family did not fair well either and all his family were gone in just over 4 years.

Sir Alan Biverbrook bought the Goddess of Death. His wife, two daughters and Sir Alan Biverbrook all died within a short time period. Two sons remained. Others warned the brothers of the menacing circumstances that occurred with the ownership of the Goddess of Death. Most people would normally scoff at such tales; however, they just lost their father, mother, and two sisters in a short amount of time. Instead of taking a chance and adding their own names to the long list of names associated with the owners of the statue, they decided to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh.

No historian or curator of a museum will ever take the legend seriously even after the chief of the section of the museum where the statue was placed took ill and died shortly after displaying the Goddess of Death.

There have been no other noted deaths since the statue is at home in the museum, maybe the curse has played out or perhaps it is encased in glass where no human hands will ever touch the statue again.

The Goddess Of Death

Goddess of Death

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