Vase of Death


The story of the vase of death.

This vase was written about in 1989 from one ex-Yugoslav magazine with the title “Basano: Vase that brings death?” Could it really bring death upon any one that adorned their home with the presence of a unique and beautifully crafted vase? Well, if you read a bit farther you will probably never wish to even look at the vase let alone touch it.

In 1988, this vase was unearthed. No one knows where it came from or how it got to be where it was found. The vase is made of about 4 pounds of silver and was created during the 15th century. When the vase was discovered, a piece of paper was also found inside with a warning to all - "Beware, this vase brings death". Does anyone ever really listen to warnings of this sort?

The vase was auctioned off which sold for 4 million Italian Lira or around $2,300.00 US dollars. The vase was purchased by a local pharmacist. He only had the vase for 3 months when his family attended his funeral. His family of course sold the vase, this time to a surgeon. The surgeon only lasted 2 months and passed away at the age of 37 of unknown causes. From there an archeologist bought this doomed vase for 5 million Lira and once again, within 3 months the town was attending another funeral.

The name or profession of the next owner is not known, however, he died within one month of ownership. Now, the word had gotten around about this wicked vase and no one wanted it in his or her home. The family instead of trying to sale the vase threw it out the window. The police came and gave them a ticket for "being disorderly". They refused to take in the vase so the police tried in vain to donate the evil vase to a museum. Every museum refused the vase as well.

Where is the vase today? As reported by the Italian press the police buried the vase once again. No one knows the exact location except the police that held the burial.

The Vase Of Death

Vase of Death

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