Leith Hall, Scotland


The story of Leith Hall, Scotland.

The first tower of Leith Hall was built by James Leith in 1650. Throughout the generations, passed down from father to son, the hall that began as one tower is now one of the finest examples of chateau-style castles in Scotland. Leith Hall has some of the most spectacular and beautiful gardens in all of Scotland, however, not only is it a breath-taking site to see but it is home to eerie tales and bumps in the night.

The Leith family had very strong military connections and during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 until 1746, it was a major stronghold. During World War I, the Hall was converted to an army hospital.

In 1939, catastrophe hit the Leith family and the two Lairds were killed within a time span of four months. The Leith Hall was then left in the hands of Henrietta Leith-Hays. She took care of the entire property until she decided to give it to the National Trust of Scotland. It has now been converted into a museum that is open to the public.

What about the ghosts? Well, rumor has it that many spirits haunt Leith Hall. They roam around the rooms, corridors and even the exterior grounds. Many have stated that one of the spirits in John Leith. He was shot in the head during a brawl in an Aberdeen tavern. After the brawl, he was taken home, where he lied until his death three days later. A ghostly figure has been seen walking on the stairwell with a bloody bandage around his head.

Other ghosts that have been reported include children playing and laughing in the Leith bedrooms. Henrietta Leith-Hays, herself, has been seen walking the corridors and wringing her hands as if worrying about some unseen someone or something.

If you decide to visit Leith Hall while in Scotland, you may encounter one of the above-mentioned ghosts. Do not be alarmed, this is there home until they can cross over.

Leith Hall

Leith Hall, Scotland

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