Appuldurcombe House


The story of Appuldurcombe House.

The best way to visit Appuldurcombe House is by taking a ferry from Southampton, Portsmouth, or from Lymington to the Isle of Wight. Once you arrive, you will need to travel to the picturesque valley in the South on the Isle of Wight. Here you will find the infamous Appuldurcombe House only 2miles from the coast at Ventnor or Shanklin.

The entire island is full of historic violence and is known for its ghostly apparitions and eerie tales. Once such location is the Appuldurcombe House.

The Appuldurcombe House is an awesome mansion with 365 windows and 52 rooms. It is at this time being restored to the grandeur it once knew. The Appuldurcombe House dates back to the 18th century, however, there has been a house standing on this property since 1200. In the beginning, this house was created as a religious house.

A bit of history about the Appuldurcombe House:

  • During the 16th century, Henry VIII frequently visited and it was one of his favorite places to practice his falconry skills.

  • Two sons of Richard Worsley were killed in an explosion in 1587.

  • Dorothy Fleming, wife of Sir Richard Worsley caused problems in 1781, but having an affair out in the open for all to see. After this, see disclosed have had 27 lovers throughout her marriage to Sir Richard Worsley.
    Dr. Poundís Academy for Young Gentleman was started here in 1867.

  • The house became empty in 1909 and remained this way except for the occasional troops from both world wars. German bombs almost completely destroyed Appuldurcombe House in 1943.

  • Today, it is home used as a tourist destination, with cottages rented to those that love the beauty that the Isle of Wight has to offer if they stay with the ghosts.

Ghosts that have been in and around Appuldurcombe House include a beautiful woman in the Stable Cottage, a carriage mysteriously appears close to the entrance of the grounds, strolling close by the Freemantle Gate you can overhear a boys laughter, and along the main staircase a candle has been seen in the light flickering and moving as if unseen hands were on the staircase.

Other visitors have heard strange and eerie noises in the Stable Cottage, cold spots and drastic temperature changes in the Great Hall, shadows of dancers have been seen on the walls of the cellars, and the visitorís book is often leafed through by unseen hands.

Appuldurcombe House

Appuldurcombe House

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