Arreton Manor


The story of Arreton Manor.

Arreton Manor is another spooky place that can be found on the Isle of Wight. Throughout the last 1,000 years, a manor has been on this property. The Arreton Manor that is in existence now dates back to the 17th century; however, the east wing was built in the 14th century.

The history of Arreton Manor is exquisite all by itself even when you do mention the ghostly happenings around the area. The manor was once owned by Edward the Confessor and is mentioned in the Domesday Book and in the will of King Alfred the Great in 885.

Close by the manor on Arreton Down there is a Saxon Burial ground and it is believed this is the location of the first manor, which was a Roman Villa. During the time that Henry VIII reigned, the manor became the property of the Crown and was released to the Leigh Family. Shortly after the Leigh family gained possession of the Arreton Manor in 1560, a young 13-year-old John Leigh, suffocated his father, Barnaby while he slept with a pillow. Annabelle, Johnís younger sister saw the murder, therefore, he carried her upstairs and threw her out a window to her death. Charles 1st owned Arreton Manor after this time and used the manor to pay his debts to the City of London. Royalty once enjoyed visited this unique and majestic manor among them Queen Victoria and Queen Mary. Today, you can visit Arreton Manor as long as you do not mind a few ghosts hanging around.

Some of the ghostly appearances can be explained such as the small ghost of Annabelle. She has been seen throughout the manor crying for her mother, wearing a blue dress and white slippers. Several visitors and the owners themselves have seen the mysterious lady in purple. Who she is remains unknown.
If you notice a strong sweet smell all around you, do not be shocked if you also see the silvery-grey figure that accompanies the pungent odor.

Another sweet smelling ghost is the one of a woman wearing a tight-waisted red, puff-sleeved dress. For those that have seen her describe her as having long curly black hair, however, no one has seen her face.

Monks have been seen walking through walls in the dining room, and nodding in prayer in the area of the manor built in the 12th century. The monks are not confined to the manor. Their bodies at least from the waist up have been seen around the gardens.

Enjoy your visit to the Four Poster Room even if you are not alone. A dark haired woman in a white dress is seen floating across the room and the disappearing through the window. In the rear gardens, the owner says he has a regular visitor every week, a ghostly phantom of a man.

Apparitions are not the only ghostly happenings at Arreton Manor many visitors have heard chanting throughout the building and the property. Many have felt an eerie dark and foreboding presence and will not enter the building. Other sounds that have been noted include rustling skirts, hounds running through the dining room, the sound of a large set of heavy keys being dropped, crying children in the hall, and footsteps. One of the eeriest is that the front door of the manor is strangely bolted from inside when no one is there, while knocking at the front door can be heard coming from within.

Arreton Manor

Arreton Manor

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