Fitz Manor


The story of Fitz Manor.

If you are going to England for your next vacation, then you must visit Shropshire, which is in central England between Birmingham and the Welsh Border. Here in Shropshire you will find Fitz Manor overlooking the River Severn.

Fitz Manor today is known for all the ghostly appearances than for its rich history. The manor itself dates back to 1450; however, the original structure is believed to have been a Saxon Hall. The Fitz Manor was first found mentioned in the Domesday Book, which included records of English settlements and noted in the charter of Henry I. The manor has its own unique church and was owned at one time by the bishop of Shrewsbury.
Today, it has been turned into a bed and breakfast by the Baly family who have owned the Fitz Manor sine the 18th century. People from all over the world travel to the Fitz Manor to enjoy a quiet and serene getaway while partaking of the breath-taking beauty of this area of England, however, are they ready for what awaits them in the dark halls.

While you are enjoying your meal in the dining room, do not be too alarmed if you begin to hear moans and weeping, many guests have heard these sounds coming from the dining room. The legend is that a priest who was believed to be homosexual was crucified in this very dining room. Whether the cries are his pleases for mercy or from others that were present at the crucifying, no one knows.

Spending a night in the Red Bedroom may bring you an uninvited guest. A figure of a lady has been seen in this room, the cemetery and outside the church. In the attic, a few years back, a painting was found that resembles this ghostly figure, which haunts the grounds and especially the Red Bedroom.

If you enjoy the smell of tobacco, then you will certainly feel at home in the Orange Bedroom. In this room, several guests have reported a strong and pungent tobacco smell when no one in their party smoked. This is believed to be the ghost of a family member that enjoyed a certain imported brand of tobacco.

Fitz Manor

Fitz Manor

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