Tamworth Castle


The story of Tamworth Castle.

Tamworth Castle is located in Staffordshire. Once an elegant and magnificent castle, which had visitors such as King Henry I, Henry II and Edward II. Today, 15 of its rooms are open for public viewing, which include the Great Hall, Dungeon, and the Haunted Bedroom. The Castle has been around since the Norman Conquest in 1066 so of course; rumors, legends, and ghostly tales have circulated and are still very strong today. You may wonder why these tales have not gone away and the answer is quite simple. The ghosts and eerie happenings are still present today.

Workers at the Tamworth Castle and visitors alike have seen, heard, and felt these spooky occurrences, such as the tales below.

An article in a local newspaper in 1999 sparked an interest in the ghosts at Tamworth Caste. An employee of the castle commented that she experiences something weird on a daily basis that is unexplainable. One evening, she was asked to return to the castle to allow an engineer in to reset the alarm system that was probably disturbed by gusts of wind and to ensure no one was robbing the place.

She entered the castle and proceeded to wait in the reception area for the engineer. She waited for around 30 minutes and then began to hear strange noises in the room above her. She described it like "it sounded like some of the heavy furniture in the room upstairs scrapping across the floor". She started feeling overwhelming presence and felt as if she did not belong there. She jolted out the castle door to run into the engineer. He seemed quite surprised that it was her that he was meeting. He explained that just a few seconds prior to her running out the door, he had seen a figure in the upstairs window. The room in which he saw the figure was the Ferrers Room, which is the room where she had heard the furniture being moved around.

Two other staff members recalled an early morning apparition when opening up for the day. One walked into the Tamworth Story exhibition to be abruptly struck in the face and blinded for a few seconds, as the other staff member walked in to see why she was bent over and wiping her eyes, a blue mist swirled around the room and vanished out the window.

There are also two well-known ghosts at Tamworth Castle, the Black Lady and the White Lady. The White Lady is believed to be a woman that was captured and locked away in the Tower by Sir Tarquin. After being a captive for a while, she learned to love Sir Tarquin. However, Sir Lancelot du Lac came to her rescue and killed Sir Tarquin. It is believed that her ghosts still weeps and moans over her lost love. Her ghosts along with her wails have been heard throughout the castle.

The Black Lady as the legend goes is a nun by the name of Editha. She founded her order in the 9th century. The nuns as the legend is told were expelled from a convent by Robert de Marmion and the angry prayers from these nuns called Editha back from her grave. Marmion, in 1139, was attacked by one angry ghost, Editha, who foretold his death if the nuns were not restored to Polesworth. As she was disappearing, she hit the Baron with her crosier and the pain was so intense his screams awoke everyone in the castle. The pain was steady and severe until he vowed to allow the nuns to return to Polesworth. No one knows exactly why Editha is still haunting Tamworth Castle, but she is one of the most frequent ghostly visitors.

Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle

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