Kilkea Castle


The story of Kilkea Castle.

Kilkea Castle was built and first lived in by Sir Walter de Riddlesford in 1180. Kilkea Castle is known for being the oldest inhabited Castle in all of Ireland. Kilkea Castle like most castles throughout Ireland has a rich, yet horrifying past of violence from wars that raged through history. Only three generations of the Riddlesford lived in the castle until there were no relatives left in line. Many lords, archbishop, and their families have lived in Kilkea Castle.

Mystery and of course ghosts are very prevalent in this area, where so many died from war, disease, and natural causes.

Kilkea Castle is home to the mysterious “Evil Eye Stone” sculpture. The Stone that is close to 17 feet up in the air on the wall is a site that many are ready to shy away from at first glance.

The description is enough to keep many away except for the strong willed. On the lower right side is a figure, with a wolfish head but with a human form wearing heavy clothing which runs down to the groin in front, and behind the buttocks at the back; it is lying on the ground under the attack of another monster, which is in the act of throwing itself down on the victim. This attacking monster has a gargoyle head with long hair, human form, lighter clothing that runs down over the thighs, and bootees.

To make Kilkea Castle even eerie is the legend about Garrett Ogg, who is better known as “The Wizard Earl”. The legend is told like this:

The 11th Earl of Kildare, Garrett Ogg, practiced magic during the 16th century. It is said that he was showing his wizardry abilities to his wife on one occasion, if she would show no fear. He told her he would turn himself into a bird but if she showed any type of fear, he would disappear forever. He did turn himself into a bird right before her eyes and she was not afraid, however, a cat came into the room and then of course brought panic on her face, as she knew the cat was eyeing her husband for a treat. As soon as the cat headed toward the Earl, he vanished. The only time he is seen now, is every seven years to visit the room where he was attacked by the cat.

Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle

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