Aberglasney House


The story of Aberglasney House.

Aberglasney House in Carmarthenshire, Aberglasney, partially hidden among the trees, gives the appearance of an eerie and spooky place to visit, and then along with its tragic history no wonder those that enter feel a chill running down their spines.

During 1603, in the Blue Room of Aberglasney House, 6 young women were found dead in their beds. Some of the reasons of their deaths were explained away as asphyxiation from fumes coming from the lime plaster mortar used during refurbishing, arsenic poisoning from the wallpaper, or a blocked chimney that could have caused carbon monoxide poisoning. Whatever the reason, many people that enter this room have a tingling feeling.

The Blue Room is the major haunt of Aberglasney House and during the 1930s one incident proved quite frightening. At this time, no one was living in the home, so the ivys had grown quite tall and the use of a ladder was needed to tear down the ivy. While the ivy was being cleared away, one man had climbed up near the window of the Blue Room to remove the ivy when he met with Victorian dressed ladies staring out the window at him.

From the corridor where the infamous Blue Room is, many have seen from the courtyard and beyond, flickering lights such as candles floating along the way. No one would be in the house at the time or at least not in this area.

Not too many people today will walk even close to the Blue Room let alone enter unless they are very adventurous and will not mind seeing a ghost or two.

Today, you can tour the beautiful garden even though the house is being restored. Tours are available every day except on Christmas Day. Enjoy your tour, but do not wander to far away from the rest of the crowd.

Aberglasney House

Aberglasney House

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