Skirrid Mountain Inn


The story of the Skirrid Mountain Inn.

Skirrid Mountain Inn is located in the village of Llanvihangel Crucorney at the base of Skirrid Mountain, which is also known as the Holy Mountain. The Holy Mountain as the legend goes was split into at the crucifixion of Christ, which created the shape of the mountain today.

Around the year 1110, the Skirrid Mountain Inn was built, which makes it the oldest public house in the Principality of Wales. Just outside the inn in the courtyard is where Owain Glyndwr gathered his troops prior to marching on to Pontrilas to fight off the English. Inside is where the tale becomes quite gruesome. The Skirrid Inn was the favorite and best location for judges to stay while they traveled their circuits around the country. If you travel up the staircase to what is now a bathroom you will visit the holding cell where several prisoners awaited their sentencing. Here in this tiny room prisoners were left until the time of their sentencing, if they could bare the wait. One such prisoner that haunts this small room is one that could not bare the sentencing of death by hanging and split his own throat before the judge announced sentence.

What was the courtroom at the time is on up the stairs. This is the room in which Bloody Judge Jefferies gave sentence to each and every prisoner. His name of course is from the many people he sentenced to death by hanging. Not only did he sentence these men to death by hanging, but also the hangings were actually carried out from a beam that was placed across the joist of the staircase. Once the person was pronounced dead, they would be laid upon the stone slab at the bottom of the stairs. This slab is still there today telling the tale of the 183 bodies that were laid to rest here until the time of burial.

Throughout the inn, visitors have complained of lights being turned on and off, televisions being turned off, orbs floating through the air, and power cuts. No one has actually seen any of ghosts that haunt Skirrid Inn, but their presence is felt and seen through orbs and other ghostly apparitions.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn

Skirrid Mountain Inn

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