The Galleries of Justice


The story of the Galleries of Justice.

One of the most haunted places in Great Britain is the Galleries of Justice. The Galleries of Justice has always been a court since early 1375, but during its prime time, it was the only place where a person could be arrested, held, sentenced and executed.

Prisoners called the cells, corridors, and yard home until the day of their sentencing where many were sentenced to death or were deported to Australia. Hanging were the most popular death sentence, which was carried out on the front steps of the building for all to see. Recently, underneath the Galleries of Justice medieval tunnels have been discovered.

As you walk into the Galleries of Justice if you experience fear, you will be just like many other visitors. As you walk throughout the original cells, dungeons, 2 courtrooms and the medieval tunnels and caves, you will be stepping back in time to 1449 when there were many prisoners calling this area home. Imagine the screams of condemned that were executed or whipped on the very steps entering the building.

If you wish to find some of the ghosts at the Galleries of Justice the most popular are the entrance hall, the courtroom, the cell corridor, the laundry room, courtyard, caves, and what is called the pits. The entrance hall has three ghosts, a woman, a soldier, and a Victorian gentleman. In the courtroom, you will hear groans, knocking sounds, and do not be alarmed with the black figure on the balcony. In the cell corridor, you may feel fear as you hear the sounds of keys rattling, doors slamming, and eerie footsteps behind you. The laundry room has weird odors. The courtyard must have been used as a cemetery for many prisoners and their bodies are still there today. Here visitors have expressed strange feelings and dark figures looming around. The most haunted area of the Galleries of Justice is the caves. Here as you tour, be ready for anything. Stones being thrown at you, crosses thrown across the room, being touched by unseen hands, and strange unearthly noises streaming through the air are just a few of the reports. If you dare to go any farther, the scary pits may keep you awake at night if you venture on. Several people have become suddenly so ill they ran from the building, others have been touched, while footsteps and dark shadowy figures are all about.

The Galleries Of Justice

The Galleries of Justice

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