Pengersick Castle


The story of Pengersick Castle.

The Pengersick Castle and surrounding area dates back to the Bronze Age. The castle or what is left of it can be found in the parish of Breage. In 1890, all that remained were fragments and part of the tower. Many of the upper rooms have fallen in but one oak panel in an area called the Perseverance does remain with the following wording inscribed:

“What thing is harder than the rock?
What softer is than water clear?
Yet wyll the same, with often droppe,
The hard rock perce as doth a spere.
Even so, nothing so hard to attayne,
But may be hadde, with labour and payne.”

The Pengersick castle has a reputation for sorcery, mystery, magic and of course ghosts. Many people have reported that 20 different ghosts haunt the area. The most popular ghosts include a 14th century monk, a little boy around age 4 that will tug at women’s dress tails and a young teenage girl around 13 who while dancing fell to her death off the battlements, today she is reported to grab visitors and swing them around as if dancing.

One very mysterious and unnerving sight to see is one of the re-enactment of a medieval murder that occurred many years ago. Other entities include a man standing and swaying in a corner, a young woman lying on a bed with ghostly covers, another woman has been seen walking through a wall and then pacing the room, a woman that stabbed to death is known to haunt the castle walls, and near a fireplace in 1546 a man was stabbed and then strangled to death. Not only have these mysterious ghosts appeared to many people that visitor Pengersick castle but also some have seen ghosts of cats and dogs.

The scariest story ever is one of John Milliton. John Milliton was believed to practice the black arts and even claimed he was an alchemist. It is believed that he practiced his black magic in the tower bedroom. He is has been told that a demon was captured in the fireplace and still remains there today.

No matter, how these legends began, many people have seen these ghosts and felt their presence of several occasions. If you decide to visit the area, be sure not to travel alone.

Pengersick Castle

Pengersick Castle

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