The Ghost in Skinflint’s Mine


The story of the Ghost in Skinflint’s Mine.

As the legend goes in North Carolina during the 1830’s and 1840’s there was an old man known as Skinflint McIntosh that owned a very rich vein of gold in Southern Cabarrus County. He got the nickname skinflint because he would not wages that most miners were accustomed to being paid for mining and he would provide adequate safety measures to prevent any accidents from occurring in his mine. His vein of gold was down a very narrow shaft 450 feet below the surface.

Joe McGee was known around these parts as one of the best miners. Skinflint tried on numerous occasions to hire him, but turned down until one day. Joe McGee asked in the case of his death while mining, if he would pay his wife Jennie $1,000. Skinflint McIntosh stated that if he died in the mine he would pay his wife $2,000. This was the deciding factor for Joe, and he quit his other job and went to work for Skinflint.

One cold evening, Joe did not arrive home at his normal time and Jennie became very worried. She asked Shaun, one of Joe’s friends to go to the mine and check on Joe. Shaun got a few more men, searched down the shaft, and did not find Joe anywhere. After awhile, Jennie asked Skinflint for the money that was promised to her in case of Joe’s death. Skinflint refused, stating that Joe must have gone off somewhere since they never found his body in the mine.

A little while later on another cold damp evening, Shaun hears a loud knock on his door. When he opened the door, a white specter was all that was there. This specter spoke to Shaun in the voice of his friend Joe that could not be found in the mine. He told Shaun where to find his body and asked if Skinflint had given his wife the money that he promised. Once Joe’s specter heard the news, he exclaimed that he would haunt the mine forever.

Joe’s body was found in the mine exactly where the specter stated it would be and Skinflint paid Jennie the money promised. However, no one would go back to work at the mine and it has been reported that a white specter does haunt the mine. The mine became abandoned and is still there today; however, the ghost of Joe is believed to be there as well.

The Ghost in Skinflint’s Mine

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