world's largest indoor water park.



What is the world's largest indoor water park?

Everyone loves an indoor water park! Where else can you go to get pushed around by waves in a wave pool, whiz down water slides, and enjoy a day at the beach – all without getting a sunburn? But the only thing better than an indoor water park, is the world’s largest indoor water park!

That title belongs to Ocean Dome, which is located in Miyazaki, Japan. This massive water park can hold up to 10,000 people at one time. And its artificial beach that could only come in such a grand place, has 450 sprawling feet of sandy beach, palm trees, and even artificial parrots that will chirp out a greeting to you as you pass! But if that beach isn’t enough for you, there’s a real outdoor beach outside – but that section isn’t included in the title of world’s largest water park.

Ocean World also has the Mount Bali Hai volcano, which is set to send out smoke every fifteen minutes. And stay around for the hour mark and you’ll see Mount Bali Hai breathe out flames. There’s no danger of anyone getting hurt, but it sure is a cool sight to see! And make sure that you don’t miss “Surf’s Up.” In this event, which happens daily, pro surfers come out to show off their stuff and amateurs can even get on a board and try it out for themselves, whether they want to surf or boogie board.

And all of that doesn’t include the multiple water slides that wrap around the park, as well as in and around each other; the “Lost World”, which is a rain forest where visitors can enjoy a spooky ghost train ride; and you can also take a white water rafting trip down the Phoenix River. Is there anything else that the world’s largest indoor water park has? Well, only the Caribbean carnivals during the day and the live shows that take place every night on stage.

There are definitely many indoor water parks that have tried to take over the title of “World’s Largest,” but only Ocean World holds the title. And, with so much to do, it might even take the title of “World’s Most Fun.” But, we’ll have to test them all out first to be sure!

Ocean Dome

the largest indoor water park in the world.

 largest indoor water park.