world's largest Cheeto.


What is the world's largest Cheeto?

CREATED: May 13, 2010

If you thought Cheetos were just another ordinary snack, you’ll certainly know differently after hearing this story! Not only did Frito-Lay cause a stir when they created the world’s largest Cheeto, but the story that would follow that particular Cheeto would cause a great stir of excitement, scandal, tenacity and yes, even the goodness of the old human spirit.

It was on February 26, 2003 that Mike Evans bought a bag of Cheetos for his three year old son. Mike looked inside the bag and was amazed when he saw only one Cheeto – but that Cheeto filled up almost the entire bag. The Cheeto was about three times the size of a quarter, and weighed more than half an ounce. Filled with excitement, Mike Evans knew that he was now the proud owner of the world’s largest Cheeto, and he decided to have some fun with it.

Mike went home and started an auction on eBay for the World’s Largest Cheeto. Mike included a picture that showed the large Cheeto, a quarter, and a regular-sized Cheeto. Satisfied with his “joke of the day”, Mike put the issue of the large Cheeto to bed. Five days later on February 28, Mike saw that his big Cheeto had already gained a lot of interest, and that the bidding price was up to $25.

One of those bids was Bryce Wilson, a radio disc jockey in Algona, Iowa. Not only did Bryce put up $100 of his own money to bring the Cheeto to Algona, but he also used his radio show to get donations for the big Cheeto, and those donations totalled $60. But Wilson and his fans couldn’t possibly generate enough money to outbid what pranksters and jokesters were doing to the auction. They had raised it to well over one million dollars, and this had spun off multiple copycat auctions. Everything from World’s Largest Cheeto shirts to lighters to other paraphernalia had spun off from the auction. And the mayhem and confusion actually caused eBay to close the auction for the World’s Largest Cheeto down. Sadly, that happened before Bryce Wilson could be declared the official and legitimate winner of the prized snack.

But, Mike Evans had a heart, and it was after all, only a Cheeto. So feeling in the giving spirit, Mike Evans donated the largest Cheeto to the town of Algona, Iowa on March 3, 2003. But this is more than just a funny little tale. The town authorities in Algona have placed the Cheeto in their museum, in its own special glass and velvet-lined case. What’s more, they expect the world’s largest Cheeto to increase their town’s tourism by fifty percent.

Frito-Lay however, didn’t find the humor in the story. They were quick to say at a press conference regarding the Cheeto that nothing like that had ever happened before and that they have only the “highest standards of practice in place.” However, they did later claim, in an answer letter to an interested party, that they did know what caused the humongous Cheeto, a process called Seasoning Accumulation, which happens when the Cheetos are given their delicious cheesy flavor.

The World's Largest Cheeto

the largest Cheeto in the world.

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