world's largest dinosaur.


What was the world's largest dinosaur?

CREATED: May 13, 2010

There’s no doubt that when we think of dinosaurs, we most likely think of Tyrannosaurus Rexes or the Triceratops. But, there’s another kind of dinosaur that was not only the largest dinosaur the world has ever seen, but it’s also believed to be the largest animal that’s ever walked on Earth!

That dinosaur is the sauropod. The term sauropod means “lizard-footed” and, even though these dinosaurs were the biggest, they didn’t eat other dinosaurs, or any meat. The sauropod was a herbivore that had a very long neck and a small head. The body of a sauropod was usually round and short, and hung close to the ground. Sauropods also had a very long tail and they use all four of their short, stumpy feet to walk on.

No one really knows why the neck of the sauropod was so long. It was first thought that it was so that they could reach high into the trees, looking for the foliage that would provide them sustenance. But, some sauropods also held their neck out long and low, parallel to their bodies. It’s thought that these sauropods carried their necks in this way so that they could poke into forests looking for greenery. The brain of a sauropod is also known to be quite small, especially considering the size of their bodies. And while it was once believed that sauropods had another small brain at the base of their tail, now scientists believe that this mass was only a lump of fatty tissue and nerve endings.

Sauropods came into existence during the late Triassic period. By the time the Jurassic period came around, sauropods were very common and prevalent. It was 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, that the sauropod became extinct, along with all of the other dinosaurs. There were different kinds of sauropods and they grew in size from the time they first evolved to the time of their extinction. The earliest form of the sauropod was the anchisaurids, and they grew 7 to 10 feet long. Just before they become extinct, the types of sauropods that roamed the earth were diplodocids, titanosaurids, and brachiosaurids. These massive dinosaurs grew up to over 100 feet long. So there’s no doubt that Sauropods were the largest creature to ever walk the Earth!

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the largest dinosaur in the world.

 largest dinosaur.