world's last Pharaoh.


Who was the world's last Pharaoh?

Cleopatra VII was just a teenager when she inherited the throne of Egypt. Although she is depicted as being very beautiful and glamorous today, she was not that appealing in looks. She is featured on ancient coins as having a long, crooked nose and very masculine features. Despite this, she was very easily able to seduce men with her voice that was beautiful in song and the charisma that she exuded wherever she went. She was also extremely smart and spoke nine languages. In fact, although she was the last pharaoh, she was the first pharaoh that could speak Egyptian.

Because it was tradition in ancient Egypt, she married her brother Plotemy, who was twelve at the time. Although he was pharaoh by name, he remained in the background and Cleopatra was the true ruler. In 48 BC, Pompey, one of Plotemy’s advisors plotted against her and not only took the throne away from her but sent her to live in exile in Syria with her sister Arsinoe.

Cleopatra was determined to win back her throne and so, she collected an army along the Egyptian border. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar had taken over control over Alexandria. Cleopatra and Plotemy were both to leave their armies and meet with Caesar so he could settle their disagreements. However, Cleopatra knew that as soon as she got into Alexandria Plotemy’s men would have her killed. It was for this reason that she climbed into an oriental rug that was being delivered to Caesar. When the rug was unrolled, she fell out. This was the first time that Caesar had seen her and it’s said that he fell in love with her at first sight.

When Plotemy saw Caesar and Cleopatra together, he felt that he had been betrayed and he and sister Arsinoe attacked the palace. This led to the Alexandrian war, which lasted for six months. After the war, Alexandria surrendered to Caesar and Cleopatra was given back her throne. Cleopatra then married her brother Plotemy XVI, who was twelve years old but she carried on her love affair with Caesar. Out of this affair came the birth of their son, Caesarion.

On March 15 44 BC, Caesar was killed by stabbing by a group of attackers. It was shortly after this that Plotemy XVI was killed and it’s said that Cleopatra had him poisoned. Cleopatra flew the city knowing that she was in danger. She fled to Tarsus (which is Turkey today) and it was here that she met Mark Antony.

They were married and had twins together. When Antony died from sickness, Cleopatra was determined to die as well. It’s believed that she allowed herself to be bitten by a poisonous snake, due to the marks that were found on her arm when she died. After her death, Egypt became a Roman province and there were no more pharaohs.

the last Pharaoh in the world.

 last Pharaoh.

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