world's last Rulers and Families.


Who were some last rulers and families?

When there are “last” members of families or rulers that pass away or give up their reign for different reasons, it can be somewhat saddening to know that that person or position is no longer in place. This is particularly true when you think about how all of Bach’s family is deceased and that the music we have now will be the only music coming from the Bach family for the rest of time. At the same time, it is very interesting to know what king was the last king of Afghanistan, or when Egypt was no longer recognized as a province. Read on to find out some famous lasts in families and places.

Afghanistan: Mohammed Zahir Shah was the last king of Afghanistan. He died on July 23, 2007. He was 92 years old.

Austria/Hungary: The last emperor of Austria was Charles I, who renounced the throne November 11-13, 1918. He only ruled for two years, from 1916 – 1918 and he died in 1922.

Aztec: Montezuma II was the last Aztec emperor. He reigned for a total of eighteen years, from 1502-1520. He did not put up a fight when Hernando Cortes entered the capital of Tenochtitlan and was subsequently captured. He died but he exact details of his death have always been shrouded in mystery.

Bach Family: The last member of the Bach family died in 1845 on Christmas Day.

Bonaparte Family: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte was the last surviving member of the infamous Bonaparte family. He died in 1945 after he tripped over his dog’s leash and sustained serious injuries.

British Governor-General of India: The last governor-general, also called a viceroy, of India was Lord Louis Mountbatten. He held the position from August 1947 to June 1948.

China: The last emperor to rule China was Henry Pu-yi. After his reign there would be no more dynasty rule in China. Pu-yi’s dynasty was the Ch’Ing dynasty.

France: The last king of France was Louis Philippe who completed his reign in 1848.

Germany: The last Kaiser in Germany was Wilhelm II. He renounced his throne in 1918 under force.

Hawaii: The last royal ruler in Hawaii was Queen Liliukokalani. She was removed from the throne in 1893.

Inca: Atahualpa was the last Incan king of Peru. His reign ended in 1533 when he was killed on the order of the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro.

Last British Monarch who Abdicated: Edward VIII was the last British monarch to renounce his position. He abdicated on December 11, 1937 after only being in power for 325 days. It was just six months later on June 3, 1938 that he married Wallis Warfield Simpson.

Lincoln Family Lineage: The last member of the family of Abraham Lincoln was Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith. He passed away in 1985. Abraham Lincoln had one child, a son that he named Robert Todd Lincoln. Robert Todd had three children of his own: Mary, Abraham II, and Jessie. Abraham II was the only son and he tragically died at the young age of 16. Jessie married Warren Beckwith and with him had one son, Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith.

Miss Canada: The last Miss Canada ended her time with the title in October 1992. There were to be no more Miss Canada’s as in 1991, feminist groups had successfully lobbied to get rid of the pageant entirely as they believed that it was degrading to women. The last Miss Canada was Nicole Dunsdon.

Russian KGB: The last man to head the Russian KGB was Vadim Viktorovich Bakatin. He ended his reign in 1991.

Poland: The last king of Poland was Stanislaw II August Poniatowski. He was in power from 1764 until 1795.

Soviet Union: After controlling a dictatorship for seventy-five years, the Communist Party was no longer in power as of August 29, 1991.

the last Rulers and Families in the world.

 last Rulers and Families.

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