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Tiamat Ė Mesopotamian Mythology

Tiamat was the primordial dragon goddess of creative Chaos. Tiamat along with Apsu, the Water God, lived very happy in the salt water below the mists of time. Here they enjoyed life undisturbed. However, out of a bubbling gob of mud sprang two beings that gave birth to very noisy gods. Tiamat and Apsu were not as happy as they once were because of all the noise that interrupted their tranquility.

Apsu complained to EA who did not really care and put EA under a permanent deep sleep.

Tiamat was left alone and became very upset. Anything the gods created she would destroy. The other gods were so afraid of her they would hide. The gods knew that something had to be done.

EA had a son by the name of Marduk. He was handsome, brave, and all the gods saw him as their answer. They convinced him to fight against Tiamat with their flattery. Marduk practiced martial arts and became very good with weaponry such as the bow, met and mace. He set off in search of Tiamat in his storm chariot.

During the time that Marduk was training, Tiamat had met another dragon by the name of Kingu. She was not quite as upset and was enjoying a bit of romance when Marduk arrived. Kingu was nothing like she had hoped and he ran and hid from Marduk as soon as he saw the weapons. Tiamat had to stand alone against Marduk.

She ran toward Marduk and he launched his secret weapon into her mouth. The weapon was a raging storm that Tiamat was unable to bite. She tried in vain to close her mouth around the storm but could not. Marduk then shot an arrow which held her in place and he then hit her with a mace.

The other dragons captured Kingu and made him give them the Tablets of Destiny that Tiamat had given him as a wedding present.

Marduk chewed Tiamatís corpse into little pieces and used them to create the world and the universe that had not been finished by the other gods. A Godís Court agreed that Kingu also had to be punished. His blood was used to create mankind.

Marduk was placed in charge and created his plans for the kingdom of Babylon.

Tiamat mythology.

 The myth of Tiamat.

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