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Loki - Norse Mythology

Loki known as the God of Hokey Pokey was a very tricky fellow. He was mischievous and could trick even the gods. One of his most famous trickeries was during the time the gods were building Asgard. The gods discovered they had run out of funds to pay off the giants or others to complete the work. What they still needed was a large protective wall to keep out those they did not want to enter.

Here is where Loki entered. He came up with a plan to contract a giant to finish the wall. The giant asked for his payment to be the Sun, Moon, and the Goddess Freya. The gods were a bit unsure of this agreement, as there were not going to give up any of these to the giant. Loki, said not to worry. The giant will never be able to complete the job in the amount of time that you request of him and then the deal will be off and we will allow him to keep the wheelbarrow or something else.

However, unknown to Loki or the other gods, the giant was not alone he had his huge stallion by the name of Svadilfari along with him. This stallion could haul boulders faster than was imaginable. With only three days to go, Freya was very concerned as the giant was close to completing the work and the stallion did not act a bit tired.

Loki was not only a great trickster, but he was also a shape-sifter. He used this wonderful talent, transformed into mare, and seduced Svadilfari and led him far away from the stone pile.

The giant could make the schedule now; however, he did complete the work. When he asked for payment, the gods refused since he did not finish in the allotted time. The giant was very angry and tried to take Freya with force. Thor used his mighty hammer and cracked the skull of the giant.

Loki was having fun pretending to be a mare and flirted with danger. He became pregnant and gave birth to a boy stallion that had eight legs. He gave the baby to Odin, as a gift, which he named Sleipnir.

Loki mythology.

 The myth of Loki.

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