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Paul Bunyan’s Younger Years – American Folktale

As the legend goes, Paul Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine. At the time of his birth, not only one stork brought Paul to his parents but also it took five very large storks. He did not have a normal size cradle because he was so large, his first bed happened to be a lumber wagon that was pulled by a team of horses. To rock Paul to sleep, this father would drive the wagon up to the top of Maine and back home again.

When he was just a few days old, he could cry so loud that he scared all of the fish out of the rivers and streams in the entire area. The frogs that lived in the ponds nearby began wearing earmuffs in the morning when Paul would scream so loudly for his breakfast afraid they might go deaf. The cows had a large order to fill as it took the milk from 24 cows to keep his bottle filled and his mother had to give him 10 ten barrels of porridge every two hours to keep his stomach from growling and knocking the house down.

When he was only week old, he could wear his father’s clothing. When he was three weeks old, the rolled around during his nap and tore down the timber on four square miles of timberland. His parents could not handle all the destruction that their young Paul was causing, so they built a raft and floated it just off the coast of Main. However, this was not a great idea. He rolled over on the raft and caused a 75-foot tidal wave in the Bay of Fundy. The British Navy had to come to the rescue to awaken Paul from his nap. It took every cannon on the entire fleet and seven hours of firing their cannons to awaken him. Paul woke up and stepped off his raft but accidentally, sank four war ships.

After this, his parents decided that Maine and the entire eastern coast were just too small for Paul, so they moved to Minnesota.

Paul Bunyan’s Younger Years mythology.

 The myth of Paul Bunyan’s Younger Years.

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