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Suha and the Ark.

In the words of the Pima Indians of Arizona, the father of mankind was the butterfly, Cherwit Make. With the sweat of his own brow he made man. The people multiplied but soon became selfish and fought among themselves. Cherwit Make could not stand the thought of what he created was turning into. He decided to drown everything living thing. He sent the north wind to tell them to be honest and to live at peace. Suha, the prophet, interpreted the voice in the north wind and the people said he was a fool and did not listen. That evening, the east wind came with the same message but added that if they did not listen he the ruler of heaven would destroy all of them if they did not listen to his warning. Suha once again gave the message to the people.

They still not listen and made fun of the prophet. That evening the west wind gave the same warning which of Suha relayed. The people just ignored all that Suha had to say, saying that he was a fool and did not change their ways. On the fourth evening, the south wind came to visit but only to Suha and whispered into his ear. The wind told Suha to build an ark from a hollow ball of spruce gum and to enter into the ark on a certain day. Suha and his wife listened to the wind and built a large round ark. In the ark they placed jars of nuts, acorn meal, bear meat, venison meat, and water.

On the day the south wind had instructed, Suha and his wife looked down at the rest of the people and at the beauty they could see all around knowing this was the last day any of this would remain. A hand of fire came forth from a cloud and it smote the Blue Cliffs with a loud bang, this was the signal for Suha and his wife to enter into the ark. Rain came down from the heavens so hard, fast, and furious for days. Suha and his wife were tossed to and from on a world turned into nothing but water as far as the eye could see.

Finally one day, the ark stopped. Suha stepped outside the ark and ate from a tuna cactus which was the only thing in sight except for water. They retreated back into the ark and slept. They slept for a very long time, no one knows the exact length of time it could have one night or one year, however, when they awoke and stepped from the ark the water was gone. When they left the ark they knew they were on Superstition Mountains and birds were singing.

They made a home in the valley and lived for a thousand years multiplying the earth once more.

Suha and the Ark mythology.

 The myth of Suha and the Ark.

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