world's largest The Black Dog Omen.


The black dog omen.

There is a spooky legend in Connecticut that no one lives to prove if the legend is true or not. The legend goes something like this. “If a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die.” As you can tell, it would be hard for anyone to prove this legend as the person in question would no longer be alive to tell the story.

However, there have been hikers tell of near death experiences while hiking at Hanging Hills in Connecticut.

One such story goes, a couple of friends deciding to go hiking in the Hanging Hills, the first guy had not really thought of this place as a great place for a vacation. However, when he arrived a day before his friend he was actually glad that his friend had chosen the place. It was very beautiful and quiet serene. He went on a small hike that day in anticipation of hiking the rougher terrain when his friend arrived the next day.

After his short hike, he returned to the inn and the innkeeper asked how he had enjoyed the hike as she gave him a refill of coffee.

He said he had enjoyed the hike and had some unexpected company. The innkeeper said that she thought know one else was crazy enough to hiking in the rain.

The guy then explained that the company was not a person, but a cute little black dog. The little dog followed him up the mountain and back down again. When the guy looked at up at the innkeeper, she was as pale as a ghost. She told him this was good. Of course, the guy had to wonder why a little black dog accompany him on his hike was not good. This is where she explained to him the saying or legend referring to the little black dog.

The guy just laughed it off and said it was nothing more than superstition. She then told him the story of Mr. Pynchon. He saw the black dog on two occasions, the second time he saw the dog, his friend fell to his death. The next time he went up the mountain he fell to his death, everyone around the area believe he saw that little black dog before he died.

The guy still refused to believe such nonsense.

His friend arrived the next morning and he told him about the little black dog and the legend. They both had a good laugh and went out hiking. When they were about half way up the mountain, he saw the little black dog. As soon as he told his friend, “there’s the dog,” he lost his footing and began sliding down the mountain. He tried everything in vain to stop. When he did stop sliding, he could move his leg. A mountain rescue team to get him down from the mountain. His leg had been broken in two places.

Therefore, whether the legend is true or not, if you see a little black dog on Hanging Hills Mountain, it would be best to find another place to hike.

The Black Dog Omen mythology.

 The myth of The Black Dog Omen.

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