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Pirate Myths.

There are many different myths surrounding pirates. Did they really have parrots? And peg legs? And hooks? Below find some debunkers of these myths!

Stories such as “Treasure Island” popularized the idea that pirates walked around with parrots all the time. In actuality, this probably isn’t true. Pirates seem to be much too practical to be concerned with pets and parrots would cause a mess on the ship (and the shoulder’s of the Captain!) A parrot might interfere with work being done on the ship or get lost at sea in times of hard voyages.

Although this myth is exaggerated in most people’s minds, there is a bit of truth to it. If a pirate was injured in the leg, sometimes the only option was to amputate. Doctors were not usually part of the crew on a pirate’s ship and so it was usually the ship’s cook that was called to perform the operation. However these operations weren’t usually successful as the inexperienced cook could not usually stop the bleeding. The pirate might also die from infection. Later, a substitute would be required for the missing leg. This was usually something that could be found on the ship such as a long piece of wood.

The common idea that pirates had hooks on one of their hands probably stemmed from “Peter Pan.” But again, there is some truth to the thought. Pirates would often lose a hand in battle and want to fashion something that could be useful around the ship as well as in future battles. A hook was a good substitute as pirates could hold onto things when working aboard as well it became another weapon for battle. A hook could easily be fashioned by fitting a wooden bowl around the stump. A hook could be constructed with extra metal lying around the ship and this could be fastened to the bowl. The contraption could be attached to the arm with leather.

Pirate Myths mythology.

 The myth of Pirate Myths.

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