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La Llorona.

The story of La Llorona, which means “the crying woman”, is one of those ghost tales that will always remain a mystery, as people will always question if it’s fact or fiction. One reason for this may be the fact that the story itself has many different versions.

The original story of La Llorona comes from Mexico. It is a story of a woman who fell in love with a man and had many children with him. The man leaves her and the woman is so upset that she murders her own children. It is said that killed her children by drowning them and that on the nights when there is a full moon, at the Rio Grande where the murders took place, you can still hear her calling for her children.

One of variations of the story is the reason why the man leaves her. Sometimes it is simply to escape her and the children. Other versions of the story have him leaving on account of his job, or because he’s going to look for a job. Still others say that he left because he fell in love with another woman.

Another element of the story that changes is the reason why she killed her children. Some theories suggest that she killed them because they reminded her of him and she was so enraged that she never wanted to think of him again. Other stories say that she wanted to protect them from the life of poverty that was the only life she could provide.

The story that is told of La Llorona in Texas is slightly different. This story tells of a rich man who marries a peasant woman. They are forced to marry and bear children in secret due to the ostracizing that would happen to both of them for marrying outside of their class. The father of the man then tells him that he has found a bride for him and that they will soon be wed. The man tells his peasant wife that he must remarry another woman and that they will never speak again. She goes insane with rage and drowns her children shortly before killing herself.

When she reaches Heaven, God asks her three times where her children are and she repeatedly tells Him that she does not know. God is angry that she has killed her children and then lied about it so He sends her back to earth to look for her children. In this version of the story, she is said to be dangerous, as she will drown passers-by in hopes to replace her children.

Whether any version of this story ever happened is actually true will probably never be known. It seems to be one of those stories that is fun to tell at sleepovers and camp-outs but one must wonder if never happened, where did the story come from?

La Llorona mythology.

 The myth of La Llorona.

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