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Cupid Ė Roman Mythology

We all see Cupid as the cute winged little boy that carries a bow and arrow in which he uses to pierce the hearts of couples and cause them to fall in love. In our society the Cupid is a mischievous little angel type boy that uses his bow and arrows which signify desires and emotions of love.

However, Cupid was a Roman god that not only could make humans fall in love but also gods. Cupidís mother was the goddess Venus and father the god Mars.

One very important myth concerning Cupid is the only of Psyche. Psyche was a beautiful mortal, the daughter of a king. Psyche was the most beautiful woman on earth and Venus was quite jealous of the attention that this mere mortal held. Venus told her son, Cupid, to punish Psyche by having her fall in love with an ugly beast. Cupid went to perform her wishes; however, he fell in love with Psyche at first sight and could not abide his motherís wishes. Instead, he devised a way to fool Psyche and told her that she was to marry but that she could never look upon her husbands face. Cupid took her away to a beautiful place where she would live with her husband. Cupid came to her at night and said he was her husband; she did not look at him and did not know he was Cupid or that he was a god.

Even though Psyche had everything imaginable to keep her happy she missed her sisters and asked her husband to allow her to see them. While her sisters were visiting her they talked her into looking at her husband. After they left she looked at Cupid when he came to visit. Cupid then had to punish her and he did this by leaving. Psyche searched everywhere for her true love. She called upon the gods and none would help as they did not want to see the rage that would come upon them from Venus. Finally, Psyche went to the temple of Venus. Venus was more upset than anyone could imagine that her son had tricked her and he had been with Psyche. She turned her into a slave and had her perform tasks that were impossible. The last task was one to take a box to Proserpine the goddess of the underworld and fill the box with beauty from Proserpine. In order to this difficult task Psyche had to avoid all the dangers of the realm of the dead.

During this time, Cupid went to the aid of the other gods to help his true love Psyche. The love that Psyche showed for Cupid convinced all the gods to allow her and Cupid to marry, Psyche was granted immortality and became a minor goddess in Olympus. Venus did grow to love her daughter in law. Cupid and Psyche gave birth to one daughter, Volupta, the goddess of sensual pleasure.

Cupid mythology.

 The myth of Cupid.

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