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Sigmund - Norse Mythology

Sigmund in Norse Mythology was the only person that could pull the magic sword Gram from the tree Branstock, similar to the story of King Arthur and Excalibur. Whoever could possess the sword would win all his wars.

Sigmund parents were Volsung and Ljod, he had a twin sister by the name of Signy and nine brothers.

Siggeir who was a guest of Volsung and the groom to be of Sigmund’s sister wanted desperately to own the sword. He tried in vain to purchase the sword from Sigmund. Siggeir became so anger that he vowed to destroy Volsung and his entire family.

Siggeir killed Volsung and all of Sigmund’s brothers. Signy became the bride of Siggeir, however, Sigmund and Signy plotted revenge against Siggeir for the slaughter of their family. While disgusted as a witch, Signy seduced her brother Sigmund and she gave birth to a son by the name of Sinfjotli.

Sigmund asked for Sinfjotli’s help in destroying Siggeir and he abided with his mother’s wishes. Together they destroyed Siggeir and his people by setting the palace on fire. The only person to escape was Signy. Signy then told Sigmund the truth about his son and returned to the fire to be consumed.

Sigmund took his son with him and became the king of the Huns. He later married Borghild and became the father of Helgi and Hamund. Borghild hated Sinfjotli and poisoned him. Sigmund banished her for murder and found a new wife. He fell in love with Hjordis, the daughter of Eylimi. Another man, Lyngi, was very jealous that he lost to Sigmund and he led an attack against Sigmund and Eylimi.

During the battle, Hjordis’s father was killed. This is the man that gave the sword to Sigmund. Sigmund out of remorse shattered the sword into. He told Hjordis to gather the pieces of the sword and to give them to his unborn son. He then died from his wounds.

Hjordis fled to Denmark and married king Alf. When Sigmund’s son, Sigurd was grown, Hjordis gave the pieces of the sword to her son. Sigurd killed a dragon with this sword and avenged his father’s death by killing Lyngi, his brothers, and destroyed his army.

Sigmund mythology.

 The myth of Sigmund.

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