The famous pirate of Samuel Bellamy.


Who was Samuel Bellamy?

You may know Samuel Bellamy as the pirate, Black Bellamy or as some called him Black Sam from the 18th century. He was born in England, it is believed around Devonshire. He, as many young men during this time, became an English sailor traveling to the new world to seek his fortune.

His first adventure on the sea was an unsuccessful expedition south in the search of sunken Spanish treasure, in which he had a wealthy sponsor. After his return home, he married. Bellamy was not satisfied with a life at home with a family and he took off living them behind in Canterbury to find his pleasure on the open seas.

You have probably more than likely, if you love pirate stories have heard the name of Benjamin Hornigold. Bellamy, as well as many young pirates, was an apprentice to Hornigold. Bellamy became captain of the Mary Anne when Horngold was replaced in 1716.

Bellamy became known as the "Prince of Pirates," and his crew called themselves "Robin Hood's Band." After the second ship was captured under Bellamy, he assigned Mary Anne to his friend Paul Williams and he took Sultana as his flagship. In 1717, the greatest capture of all came to be. The Prince and his band boarded the Whydah Gally. This was a 300-ton slave ship and was loaded to the top with a fortune in trade goods and gold. Bellamy had a reputation of generosity, which was seen when he gave the Sultana to the captain of the Whydah.

He set sail along the eastern coast of New England aboard his new flagship the Whydah as a 28 gun raiding ship. When he came close to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, a terrible storm appeared. The Whydah hit a sandbar and sank along with the majority of Bellamy’s 146 man crew and Bellamy himself. Records state that only 9 survived the storm. Seven members of the crew that survived were captured and prosecuted for piracy in Boston. Six of the seven were executed while the seventh, an Indian, was sold into slavery.

Samuel Bellamy.

 The famous pirate of Samuel Bellamy.

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