The famous pirate of Stede Bonnet.


Who was Stede Bonnet?

Probably the most unusual pirate of all times was Stede Bonnet, not because of his treatment of this crew, or his looks, but because of his upbringing and stature in society. Stede Bonnet was known all around the Virginia coast as Major Stede Bonnet. He was very educated and by the time he was middle aged had everything a man could desire. He had a wife, a successful sugar plantation, and was considered an upstanding member of the society in Bridgetown on the island of Barbados.

Today, everyone would say that Bonnet was going through a middle-aged crisis if with what he did next. In 1717, Bonnet went out and purchased a fast ship with 10 pieces of artillery secured to her single gun deck. He gave her the name of Revenge. He then went around to the taverns and grogshops of Bridgetown and hired as seamen, using money from his own pocket to pay the soon to be pirates to join his crew. For this reason alone, his crew honored him, it was not for his sea legs.

For the first few months, his ship sat quietly in the Bridgetown harbor. Then one night without notice of any kind even to his wife, Bonnet set sail for the Virginia Capes. Here he and his crew captured a few ships in which they only plundered; the last ship in the area was set on fire. After this, every ship that was captured was set ablaze.

Bonnet dropped anchor in the Bay of Honduras. His crew was growing tired of his inexperience but as luck would have it, Bonnet met up with Blackbeard. They became friends and set off on adventures together. However, Blackbeard also soon learned of the Bonnet inexperience and convinced him to come aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. Once there, Bonnet was held prisoner and his ship was given to Richard’s, one of Blackbeard’s lieutenants. Bonnet after his stay on the Queen Anne’s Revenge convinced Blackbeard to return his command to his ship, in which he did. Once aboard the Revenge again the two parted company. Bonnet headed off to the town of Bath where he surrendered. However, he still kept up with his piracy. Finally, he was captured by Colonel William Rhett. He escaped this time only to be recaptured. He was brought to trail in Charles Town, South Carolina and was sentenced to death.

On December 10, 1718, Stede Bonnet was hung for piracy.

Stede Bonnet

Stede Bonnet.

 The famous pirate of Stede Bonnet.

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