The famous pirate of Edward Collier.


Who was Edward Collier?

Edward Collier was one of the most renowned English buccaneers in the service of Sir Henry Morgan, listed as British privateer active from 1668 to 1672. Collier commanded one of the ships that participated on the Portobello raid in 1668 hunting down pirates.

During such raid Collier captured the French pirate Captain la Veven and his ship, the Satisfaction. For the following 18 months, Collier sailed the Mexican shores serving Morgan in most of his expeditions against Spain, including the raid on Panama in 1670.

After Panama's raid, Captain Collier was named vice-admiral of Sir Henry Morgan's expeditions, including the raid of Gibraltar and Maracaibo. As a pirate, Spanish and English witnesses said Captain Collier exceeded Morgan's cruelty torturing prisoners, who also rejoiced torturing other buccaneers captured during his raids.

He was responsible for capturing the fort and garrison at Rio de la Hacha and then ferociously torturing his prisoners to enjoy their agony in the quest to obtain a treasure valued at $200,000 pesos. Collier had no mercy and it is known that he killed a Franciscan friar.

For some time Collier extorted corn, meat, and other provisions from the populace before rejoining Sir Henry Morgan's fleet. Eventually, Edward Collier became a wealthy farmer establishing his home in Jamaica, where he lived until his death, but he would always remain closely associated to Sir Henry Morgan throughout his life one way or another.

Jamaica's governor gave him a 1,000-acre plantation that incidentally was next to one of Sir Henry Morgan's estates, but curiously he was not arrested with him during the episode in which they arrived to Port Royal following the raid of Panama.

After the new governor was appointed in Jamaica, Captain Edward Collier began with the preparations to defend the island in the knowledge of Spain's friction with local government and possible any invasion upon Jamaica.

Edward Collier.

 The famous pirate of Edward Collier.

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