The famous pirate of Howell Davis.


Who was Howell Davis?

Howell Davis as a Welsh pirate active from 1718 to 1719, who was best known for preying on shipping off the Caribbean and West African coasts, where he was later killed, probably as result of a fight with Portuguese troops.

Incidentally, Edward England previously captured Howell Davis in the African coast region. But after conquering his friendship, England gave Davis a ship to be sold in Brazil.

Howell Davies sailed to Brazil with this mission in mind, but the crew wanted to keep their ship and changed his plans sailing then to Barbados, the island in which Davies was arrested and spent three months in jail. It was after this incident that Howell Davies became a pirate and sailed to the Bahamas to enroll his new crew.

In the Bahamas Davis met Woodes Rogers, who took him along to Martinique on a ship loaded with cargo. At his arrival to Martinique, Howell Davies raised a mutiny being chosen the new captain of the ship. After this action, he took over two large French ships north of Hispaniola, backed by his crew of 35 men, forcing the prisoners to brandish their swords upon the second ship's deck.

Captain Howell Davis was raised on a ship and knew everything needed to command such ships so his next step was sailing to Cape Verde Islands where he was welcomed with open arms by the Portuguese governor in the belief that he was an English privateer.

Davis continued sailing and plundering ships, obtaining the "Saint James" in Maio Island, a 26-gun ship that Davis' crew decided to keep. After his experience with the Portuguese governor, Captain Davis decided to continue deceiving people and conceiving a new plan.

At the Gambia River, he deceived the governor and received an invitation to dinner, taking with him two of his men. Dinner was held at the Royal Africa Company's fort, the place in which the governor was made prisoner and only released after receiving a reward of 2,000 in gold.

Howell Davis became a pirate hungry for prizes and rewards, which consistently increased until tragedy struck him. The circumstances of his death are unknown but after leaving a governor's palace in the West African coast, he was found dead with 5 bullets and his throat cut.

Howell Davis

Howell Davis.

 The famous pirate of Howell Davis.

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