The famous pirate of Jack Sparrow.


Who was Jack Sparrow?

Who else could play the part of the fictional pirate captain other than Johnny Depp? This fictional pirate gives us a unique glimpse into the life of a pirate while bringing us wonderful and dangerous adventures.

Jack looks the part of what we all imagine a pirate looked like, at least what the ladies might imagine, handsome, daring, and courageous. He has dark brown eyes, long dark brown to black hair normally worn in braids and dreadlocks. He does have just a bit of facial hair in the form of a goatee that is braided into two long braids. He wears dark kohl around his eyes to help with the glare that can be seen out in the open seas. Beads adorn his hair along with a single piece of eight draped over his bandanna, which shows his title as the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean.

Jack Sparrow was born in British Colonial India aboard a pirate ship during a typhoon. His father was an East India Trading Company seaman known as Captain Teague while his mother was an Indian maiden.

To learn more about Jack Sparrow’s adventures you can see him in all of his glory in three excellent films:
The Curse of the Black Pearl came out in 2003
Dead Man’s chest was produced in 2006
At World’s End is in theaters now.

Just to give you a taste of the movies:

The Curse of the Black Pearl is the first in the series. This movie starts with Jack being the Captain of The Black Pearl for the last two years. The ship is headed for the mysterious Isla de Muerta to find the hidden Chest of Cortes. The booty was to be split equally among the Captain Jack and crew, however, first mate Hector Barbossa has other plans. He talked with Jack and convinced him that equal parts also meant giving the crew along with himself the location of the treasure. Jack being a trusting soul gave up the information. Barbossa as soon as he had what he needed led a mutiny in which left Captain Jack marooned on an island.

The Black Pearl was captained by Jack Sparrow for two years. The crew was heading to the mysterious Isla de Muerta where the legendary Chest of Cortes was hidden. Captain and crew agreed to equal shares of the treasure, but First Mate Hector Barbossa persuaded Jack that equal shares included knowing the treasure's location. Jack complied, and soon after Barbossa led a mutiny and marooned Jack on an island.

Dead Man’s Chest begins thirteen years after Captain Jack Sparrow received the “Black Pearl” from Captain Davy Jones. Captain Jack made a pact with Davy Jones that in trade for being captain of the Black Pearl he would put in service on the ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman, for 100 years.

For the last movie, you will have to visit the theaters to learn more.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow.

 The famous pirate of Jack Sparrow.

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