The famous pirate of Christopher Condent.


Who was Christopher Condent?

Christopher Condent was an English pirate that left New Providence along with his crew in 1718 when Woodes Rogers became governor of the island.

Condent was known for his cruelty as was seen on one of his trips across the Atlantic Ocean. An Indian member of his crew was beaten and treated very badly by others in the crew. He threatened to ignite the ship’s powder magazine. Before a wink of an eye, Condent jumped into the hold and shot the crew member in the face. The rest of the crew hacked the crew member’s body into pieces, tore out his heart, boiled it, and ate it. The ship went on and another vessel was captured, at this time half of the crew sailed away in the newly captured ship.

Condent and his crew captured more ships as the Cape Verde Islands including a Portuguese wine vessel, a few small ships, and a Dutch war ship. Condent named the war ship the Flying Dragon. Condent used the Flying Dragon to sail along the Brazilian coast and capture more ships and torturing his prisoner by cutting off their noses and ears.

By June or July of 1719, he had reached Madagascar where he hired on some of John Haley’s old crew members. He then headed toward the Indian Coast and the Red Sea. This time, he ordered all his crew not to abuse crew or passengers as this might bring on more anger from the East India Company.

After returning to the island of Saint Marie and dividing up the booty form an Arab ship, he along with 40 members of his crew sailed to the island of Reunion to negotiate a French pardon. Several of his crew settled on the island while Condent instead married the governor’s sister-in-law, traveled to France, and decided to live in Brittany. Here he became a wealthy merchant and lived out his life.

Christopher Condent.

 The famous pirate of Christopher Condent.

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