The famous pirate of Pirate Chi.


Who was Pirate Chi?

The sea gulls scream his name and so do the adventurers who dare the seven seas. Pirate Chi’s name is synonymous with the legend of the ‘warning mariner’ off the coast of Scotland. Legend has it that during the times when there was much plundering by pirates, Pirate Chi and his small ‘band of men’ thrived on the azure waters. They looted and grabbed all that ships passing them by could possibly offer. The goodies were sold from coast to coast and Pirate Chi became a friend to the small time merchants.

Pirate Chi was quite a menace and hard at heart. He was known to kill if necessary and treat his captives very badly. Pirate Chi – the menace was making it impossible for seafarers approaching the coast of Scotland. They were ready to do anything to get rid of him and the piracy that reduced the revenue of Scotland. Help came in a funny form. The old mariner who cleaned the jetty offered to raise an alarm the next time Pirate Chi was sighted. This warning would come via a marine-favorite tune on the flute that would be directed towards the guilds, inwards and the knights who swore revenge.

The old mariner, Aaron, had a special binocular that would help him to scout the seas around and a special way of reading signs from the sea, whenever Pirate Chi was on it. The people, merchants, Aaron and the knights waited patiently. Then came the opportunity, but not before Aaron was spotted. Pirate Chi seemed to know of Aaron’s presence in the lighthouse, even before Aaron spotted him! Aaron played the old mariners favorite on his flute and the sound resounded inwards. His contemporaries helped him to carry the tune towards the section of town, where the knights were. But, suddenly, the Brown Bess was aimed and fired at Aaron and he succumbed to the well aimed shot by Pirate Chi. The knights awaited a confirmation, the special note, from Aaron, as decided. It did come and they did greet Pirate Chi’s men close at hand, on the high seas around Scotland in a fierce battle.

Pirate Chi fell to the accuracy of the knights and their men and his tenure of terrorizing the seas off the coast of Scotland came to an end, all thanks to Aaron, the bold mariner. Pirate Chi and Aaron are never mentioned one without the other and always at the old lighthouse that was Aaron’s Tower.

Pirate Chi.

 The famous pirate of Pirate Chi.

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