The famous pirate of Edward Teach.


Who was Edward Teach?

Edward Teach was born in November 23, 1675 in Bristol, England, although, some sources cite the year 1680 as the birth date, Jamaica as his birthplace, and names such as Edward Drummond and Edward Thatch referring to this famous pirate best known as Blackbeard.

Blackbeard was a synonym of terror in the Caribbean Sea between 1716 and 1718, before the governor of Virginia offered 100 as a reward on his head. Blackbeard operated in littoral waters running from the Caribbean Island to Carolina's barrier islands of the Outer Banks.

Edward Teach learned to read and write so he was not a poor man like other pirates, in fact, he was originally a privateer authorized by the British government, but his license was eventually revoked after he moved to Jamaica.

After this fact, a French document of the 18th century states that "Edoard Titche" was a pirate under Benjamin Hornigold, that later was appointed captain of two boats of 250 British pirates armed with a total of 20 guns.

One of those boats was a 200-ton frigate named "Le Concorde de Nantes", that later was renamed as "Queen Anne's Revenge". Adding another 20 guns to this frigate, Edward Teach became Blackbeard, famous for his cruelty and polygamy.

Blackbeard was known to have fourteen wives including Mary Ormond, a North Carolina's resident married to the Royal Governor. Although, there is not much documentation on Edward Teach's life, people said that he looked like a devil, with a fearsome face and a long black beard, often wearing a big-feathered tricorn.

In November 22, 1718 a local plantation owners called the attention of Virginia's governor, tracking down Blackbeard. The governor sent troops by land to Bath, North Carolina, with the order to capture the Edward Teach, cut his head and throw away his body into the sea.

After a bloody battle at Ocracoke Inlet, Blackbeard was killed by 5 gun shot wounds and 20 sword wounds before cutting off his head and one of the most infamous legends of the Caribbean Sea.

Edward Teach

Edward Teach.

 The famous pirate of Edward Teach.

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