The famous pirate of Samuel Burgess.


Who was Samuel Burgess?

Samuel Burgess worked for Captain William Kidd when he was part of the crew on the Blessed William. After the boat was seized by Captain Edward Coates in 1963, Burgess left the ship to go to New York. There he worked for one of New York’s merchants, Frederick Phillips, who was among the very rich in New York. Burgess worked for him travelling to Madagascar and exchanging guns and other various supplies in exchange for gold and slaves.

In September 1699, Burgess was Captain of the Margaret. He was travelling near St. Mary’s Island one day when he met up with some British fleets. There he and his crew were offered a pardon for any activities that they had taken part in while they were pirates if they would come and work for the Navy. Many of Burgess’ crew accepted the offer and left with the British fleets. Burgess however, left for Cape Town in South Africa and arrived there in December of that same year. However, Captain Lowth of the East Indian Company took control of Burgess’ ship and took the ship, the treasure on the ships, as well as the slaves to Bombay. The owners of the Margaret however, ended up suing the East Indian Company and Burgess was captured and taken to London in 1701 so he could have piracy charges laid against him. Burgess was convicted but was soon pardoned and was made a privateer, sailing for the Pacific.

Burgess then moved to the position of first mate aboard the Neptune and he travelled back to Madagascar to trade alcohol in exchange for their slaves. It was also at this time that he helped John Halsey seize the Neptune. Burgess moved up to the rank of Quartermaster but lost that title soon after when Halsey died. Burgess however, chose to stay in Madagascar and continued on in the business of slavery with David Williams. He found himself in an argument with the chief regarding prizes and Burgess died of poisoning. It’s believed that the chief was the one to kill him.

Samuel Burgess.

 The famous pirate of Samuel Burgess.

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