The famous pirate of Henry Morgan.


Who was Henry Morgan?

Hari Morgan was a Welsh privateer known by his English name of Henry Morgan. Born in 1635 it is believed that his birthplace was somewhere in Germany, but kidnapped in the early days of his life in Bristol and sold as a slave in the Caribbean Islands.

However, there is reference of his father, Robert Morgan, a Welsh man married to a German woman whose name is ignored, living in Glamorgan, Wales. As a junior officer he moved to Barbados in 1655 sent out by Oliver Cromwell. Later he moved to Jamaica as privateer commissioned by Sir Thomas Modyford to capture Spanish prisoners in Cuba and attack a vessel on the Mexican coast.

A thousand of buccaneers sailed with Henry Morgan to Campeche, Mexico to defend two forts defeating the Spanish troops, and taking their ships as prizes, while Henry Morgan was rewarded with the title of Sir.

Sir Henry Morgan married his cousin Mary after the Restoration of King Charles II of England, who named his uncle Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. After this episode, Sir Henry Morgan became the Captain Morgan, King of all the Pirates in the Caribbean Sea appointed with this title by pirates and buccaneers.

However, Captain Morgan was offended every time that people referred to him as a pirate since he considered himself as a privateer because his country licensed him to attack and plunder any enemy's shipping, thus his ultimate goal never was robbery.

The Welsh buccaneer was always proud of his activity sticking to law and order, but after a problem with an expedition to Panama, the governor of Jamaica was arrested and some sources cite the arrest of Captain Morgan along with him. The fact is that Henry Morgan spent three years in London whether arrested or at his own expense meeting new people.

Later in life, Captain Morgan returned to Jamaica appointed as Governor, Judge of the Admiralty Court and Justice of the Peace, Vice-Admiral, and Commandant of the Port Royal Regiment, dying on August 25 of 1688, but being remembered until today as a romantic pirate of the Caribbean Sea.

Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan.

 The famous pirate of Henry Morgan.

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