The famous pirate of Anne Bonny.


Who was Anne Bonny?

Piracy history recorded two famous female pirates living in the 18th century, one of them is Anne Bonny, an Irish woman who was born in 1698 in County Cork, the most southwesterly Ireland's county best know as the "Rebel County" since 1491.

Being the daughter of a well-established attorney and a maidservant, Anne was a rebellious soul. Her family fell in disgrace and moved to the Carolinas in America. After amassing a fortune, her father bought a huge plantation.

The wealth of her father attracted a sailor named James Bonny, who was also a pirate. He married Anne trying to steal the plantation, but Anne's father disowned her as soon as he discovered the failed attempt. In revenge, James left America taking Anne to the Bahamas.

In the Bahamas, James was the Governor's informer whose only work was accusing pirates for a reward. Meanwhile, Anne was romantically involved with Calico Jack, a handsome pirate that took her as part of his crew.

James was unable to accuse Calico because at that time the Governor passed an amnesty for pirates, ending his work. Knowing James’ bad reputation, Calico offered him money for Anne.

Furious, James visited the Governor, who ordered Calico return Anne to her husband, but that night she escaped with Calico in a stolen vessel found in the harbor and Pirate Anne Bonny was born to the world.

Anne Bonny fought side by side with Calico Jack becoming an expert gunwoman who dressed like a man. In 1720, the governor of Jamaica was informed that Calico was approaching and sent an armed vessel to capture the captain and his crew.

Caught by surprise, Anne dismays in the assault and all pirates were captured. She confessed her sex and the fact that she was pregnant, receiving a separate trial but sentenced to hang anyway.

Anne pleaded mercy until she could give birth. Then she received several stays of execution, until her name was vanished from all official records in Jamaica and nothing states her final fate.

However, it is believed that her wealthy father contacted the island's authorities and found Anne a way back home under a new identity.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny.

 The famous pirate of Anne Bonny.

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