The famous pirate of William Kidd.


Who was William Kidd?

Born in Greenock, Scotland on 1645, William Kidd will be recorded in history as Captain Kidd, a cruel bloody pirate accused traditionally of all crimes in pirate history with the aid of his crew according to the legends.

However, he was a privateer hired by the government to protect all British shipping in the Indian Ocean. Son of a reputable Scottish family, he began his sea career after the death of his father, and for 30 years he would be working freely from one ship to another, saving the British troops from destruction after war broke out between France and England.

Commanding a vessel named "Blessed William”, Captain Kidd operated as a privateer in the West Indies by 1689. In 1691, he moved to New York achieving big success as an honorable merchant after he married a 20 years old widow. Captain Kidd was an honest citizen who was awarded with 150 after capturing an enemy privateer on the New England coast.

Captain Kidd was called back into service in England and then sent again to the West Indies, where he committed the huge mistake of his life after this he was accused of piracy.

He recruited a crew of cutthroats in New York that eventually joined the pirates in Madagascar. The crew that did not join the pirates tried to threaten Captain Kidd with mutiny, but in a fight for control, he killed a man, an incident that changed his life.

Kidd became a pirate when he arrived to India’s Malabar Coast decided to plunder the Quedagh Merchant, a treasure ship of 400 tons. Captain Kidd succeeded and suddenly he was in the possession of one of the greatest booties of all time.

Sadly, the treasure was property of a powerful British East India Company that ordered his immediate capture. Captain Kidd was shipped back to England where he was sentenced to death and hanged in 1701.

William 'Captain' Kidd

William Kidd.

 The famous pirate of William Kidd.

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