The second Commandment ever


What is the second Commandment?

Pinpointing out of the famous Biblical Ten Commandments which is the second can be difficult because it largely depends on which religion you are referring to when speaking about any of the Ten Commandments. All of the Holy Books, while having the same general themes and outlines, such as the Ten Commandments, all have slight variations to them making them unique to that religion. The case of the Ten Commandments is no different although, it is generally believed to be one of two different Commandments.

The Jewish religion; religions surrounding Christianity such as Anglican, Reformed, and other Christian religions; and the Orthodox religion all generally believe a version or translation of the Commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me,” or “You shall not make for yourself an idol,” are accepted as the Second Commandment. Some Christian religions also believe this to be the First Commandment but most maintain that it is the Second. This Commandment states that believers are to worship one god and one god only and while most religions that accept this Commandment also accept Christ or Jesus as God that is not necessarily the case for all religions.

The Roman Catholics and many Lutheran churches have a different Commandment selected to be the second and this is, “You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God,” or, “Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain.” Most people refer to cursing when talking about this Commandment but it can be expanded to include any form of showing verbal disrespect to God, which is Christ or Jesus in this case.

It’s interesting to note that no matter the religion that is being referred to, the Second Commandment generally has to do with respecting the God of that specific religion and worshipping them and them alone. The Commandment almost always comes after a statement of “I am God,” so in all religions it places the emphasis on revering the God of that religion, ensuring that believers will always remember what is most important.

The second Commandment ever

The second Commandment ever

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