The second Academy Awards ever


When were the world's second Academy Awards?

It may not have been the first but there were many things about the 2nd Academy Awards that made it very special in its own right. The ceremony took place on April 3, 1930 at the Cocoanut Grove in The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

This was the first ceremony of its kind that the winners were not previously announced. For the first Academy Awards the year before, the winners were printed in the newspaper, which came out before the awards show began. Those who were nominated would look in the papers to see if they had won and if they hadn’t, they simply wouldn’t show up to the event. During the second year, changes were made so that attendance would go up and the event would gain more notoriety. The change seemed to work and today it’s such a huge event that stars are honored to go, and would most likely attend even if they knew they hadn’t won.

Another change in the second year of the awards show was that this year had fewer categories than the previous year. The first Academy Awards had twelve categories and the following year there were only seven. In 2008 for the 80th Academy Awards, there were 24 categories in total.

No nominations were ever announced for this particular year’s event and that also made Academy history by being the only year that the awards were done this way. Only winners were announced however, there is a list that is approved by the Academy, of movies that were thought to be appropriately nominated for specific categories.

Another one for the history books regarding this particular year’s Academy event was the fact that The Broadway Melody won for Best Picture. It was a musical motion picture that had been released the previous year and it was the first movie equipped with sound to ever win in the category. Warner Baxter won in the Best Actor category for his role in In Old Arizona and Mary Pickford won for Best Actress for her role in Coquette.

Another interesting bit of trivia regarding the second Academy Awards is the fact that that was the year that two Academy Awards shows were held. The first of the year was this event in April and the second show was held later in November of that same year. This was so that any subsequent awards shows could be held one per year, each showcasing the previous years’ films.

The second Academy Awards ever

The second Academy Awards ever

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