The second Season of Big Brother ever


What was the second season of Big Brother?

The second season of Big Brother in the United States ran from July 5, 2001 to September 20, 2001 and although it was the second season, it was remarkably different than it had been in its debut year. To promote the talk of strategy amongst the players and to make the game more exciting, many of the rules were changed and some things, such as competition events, were added. It was during the second season that the position of Head of Household was introduced, a position that held the greatest amount of power in the house and would determine who was nominated for eviction and possibly, who was evicted. Before this, each Houseguest would make a nomination for eviction and the final result would be decided on by the American public.

The way in which the winner was established was also changed during the second season of the show. Previously, the winner had been decided on by each and every one of the Evicted Houseguests. This season and Season 3 would be however, would be the only seasons to determine the winner this way. From Season 4 and on, only the Evicted Houseguests that had made it to the few final weeks in the house would be eligible to vote for the winner of the game. It was during this season as well that the two final remaining Houseguests could each veto one of the Evicted Houseguests votes, in hopes that they would eliminate one of their competitor’s votes and place themselves father in the game. This was the only season that this twist was included.

In Season 2 food competitions were also brought in as part of the game. In these competitions, the Houseguests would be divided into teams and they would compete to earn food for the week. The winners would be able to eat whatever they wanted while the losers were to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly. The peanut butter and jelly diet would remain as part of the game until Season 7, when it would be replaced with slop.

Another change that happened in Season 2, and much to the dismay of many die-hard fans, the Internet feeds that were available so that you could watch the Houseguests 24/7 were no longer available free of charge anymore as CBS created a paid feed system so that users would have to pay a subscription fee to view the feed. The narrator, who explains what has happened in previous weeks, was the same in Season 2 as in Season 1 but that was the last season for that narrator as he was replaced in Season 3.

Big Brother 2 featured many memorable Houseguests including Bunky, who was also Big Brother’s first openly gay contestant; Justin, who was thrown out of the show after holding a knife to someone’s throat; Monica, who lost her cousin in the World Trade Center attacks; and Mike or ‘Boogie’ who proposed to his ‘showmance’ girlfriend, Krista, on the season finale of the show. But perhaps there is no guest more memorable than Will Kirby, also known as ‘Dr. Will’ throughout the house. Considering that most of the contestants hated him by the time he was finished playing the game, it was true genius that he won. He used a cunning combination of lying and charm to win people over while he stabbed them in the back and got them thrown out of the house. Will would later appear on Big Brother: All-Stars where he placed fourth.

The second Season of Big Brother ever

The second Season of Big Brother ever

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