The second iPod Touch ever


What was the world's second iPod touch?

The newest gadget from Apple, the 2G iPod touch, has seen such popularity that it has flown off the shelves of stores and it seems as though things such as the ‘Apps store’ have become part of everyday conversation. This may be because this amazing little thing that fits in the palm of your hand can browse the Internet, check your email, and have you playing the coolest games – not to mention that you can also listen to music and watch video, all from this tiny little machine that only has 3 buttons in total!

One of these buttons is the power button at the top of the Touch that also acts as a sleep/wake button. When in sleep/wake mode, this button locks your screen so that even if you accidentally brush up against it in your pocket, it won’t switch applications on you. After you’ve turned it on, you will see an interactive interface that will give you access to everything you can do with your iPod touch. Simply touch the music, browser, email, YouTube, iTunes, or Apps stores buttons and using the electricity from your finger, the Touch will take you there. This goes even beyond the click turn-wheel that Apple created with the iPod Nano. With the 2G iPod Touch, you also have access to other applications that can create a calendar for you, keep all of your contacts, and you can even write notes and keep them on here. Not to mention that with easy access to the Apps store, you can turn your iPod Touch into just about anything you want it to be!

Although all of these wonderful things seem so advanced that it must be new technology, this is not actually the first Touch that iPod has come out with. In fact, it’s a second generation which means that there was one before it and this model has improved on the first generation. The first generation of iPod touch didn’t have a built-in speaker which meant that if you weren’t wearing headphones, you wouldn’t be able to hear what you were playing. The 2G iPod Touch has a built-in speaker so you can listen wherever you go! The 2G also has volume control along the side which the first model was missing and it also comes with a 2.1 update, which you have to pay for when owning the 1G iPod Touch. The 2G also comes in a slimmer and smoother design and has a longer battery life, allowing you 36 hours of battery when listening to audio and 6 hours when watching video.

The second iPod Touch comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32 GB format and was released on September 9, 2008 when the 1G iPod Touch was taken off the shelves.

The 2nd iPod Touch

The second iPod Touch ever

The second iPod Touch ever

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