Dream Tales Part I


There are many books written today on the subject of dream interpretation. You would have to read the books to determine if they were based on old wives’ tales but there have been many tales created over the years telling of the meaning of dreams. Here are a few of them:

  • If you dream of acorns, it’s a sign of good luck to come. If a woman dreams that she has been eating acorns, it’s a sign that she will rise to a position of high standing and power. If someone is to dream of shaking acorns out of a tree, it means that they will have continued success in love or business.

  • If a busy airport presents itself in a dream, it’s a sign that the dreamer is seeking freedom or travel. On the flip side, if a deserted airport presents itself in a dream, it means that plans to travel will be cancelled or delayed.

  • If almonds appear in a dream, it means that the dreamer will have a period of sadness. However, if almonds are being eaten in the dream and they taste good, this is a sign of good luck. If the almonds taste at all bitter in the dream, it means that the dreamer should halt plans for any changes that they were about to make.

  • Seeing angels in a dream represents success, good fortune, protection, and fulfilling friendships.

  • Seeing a baby in a dream represents innocence and the start of something new. It also means that the dreamer may soon find a new love or will meet new friends.

  • If a woman is nursing a baby in a dream, it means that the person she trusts most will betray her.

  • If balloons appear in a dream it means that hopes of any successes will be cast aside and that the dreamer will remain where they are or be moved to a lesser position, whether it be in business or in love. If the dreamer is being raised by a balloon, it indicates that there are especially hard times to come.

  • Killing a bear in a dream represents overcoming obstacles.

  • If a person dreams of a clean, white bed, this means that the person’s worries are soon coming to an end. If a woman dreams of making a bed, it means that she will soon meet a new lover.

  • If a person dreams of riding a bicycle uphill, this means that there are good prospects on the horizon. If a person dreams of riding a bicycle downhill, this signifies that the dreamer will soon encounter bad luck.

  • When dreaming of a birth, it’s a sign that death is near. On the other hand, if you dream of death, it’s a sign that birth is near.

  • There are two different meanings if someone is to dream of butterflies. If the butterflies are seen amongst flowers, this means that riches are soon to come to them. If the butterflies are simply flying around, it means that the dreamer will soon hear from a long-distance friend, or they will hear from someone who has seen them.

  • Cats have always played a big part of old wives’ tales and it’s no different when one dreams about them. Like all tales, they are generally a sign of bad luck. Seeing a cat represents betrayal and general bad luck. If the dreamer dreams that a cat attacks them, this is usually a sign that there are obstacles coming. If the dreamer wins the battle against the cat, they will also win the battle in life. However, if they are badly beaten by the cat, they will not succeed in their obstacle in life.

Dream Tales Part I

Dream Tales Part I

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