Marriage Tales


As if brides-to-be don’t have enough on their plate with planning a wedding, there are all kinds of old wives’ tales that they apparently should be considering.

Bridal Showers

  • The first gift that is opened should be the first gift the bride uses.

  • The bride should select somebody (probably the maid of honour) to record all the comments the bride makes while she opens her gifts. Supposedly, these remarks will be repeated on her wedding night.

  • Whoever is the sender of the third gift the bride-to-be opens will have a baby in the near future.

  • All ribbons should be kept from the presents the bride-to-be opens. These will be kept to make a bouquet at the wedding rehearsal. They are also sometimes placed on a big hat that the bride-to-be wears during the shower. Placing ribbons on the hat is thought to bring luck in life and love.

Wedding Day

  • There are certain days of the week and months in the year that are thought to be better for wedding days than others. This belief comes from the poem:

    • “Monday for health,

    • Tuesday for wealth,

    • Wednesday best of all,

    • Thursday for losses,

    • Friday for crosses,

    • Saturday brings no luck at all.

    • Married when the year is new,

    • He’ll be loving, kind, and true,

    • When February birds do mate,

    • You wed, nor dread your fate.

    • If you wed when March winds blow,

    • Joy and sorrow both you’ll know.

    • Marry in April when you can,

    • Joy for maiden and for man.

    • Marry in the month of May,

    • And you’ll surely rue the day.

    • Marry when June roses grow,

    • Over land and sea you’ll go.

    • Those who in July do wed,

    • Must labour for their daily bread.

    • Whoever wed in August be,

    • Many a change is sure to see.

    • Marry in September’s shrine,

    • Your loving will be rich and fine.

    • If in October you do marry,

    • Love will come but riches tarry.

    • If you wed in bleak November,

    • Only joys will come, remember.

    • When December snow falls fast,

    • Marry and true love will last.

  • There are also a few good omens for a wedding day. These include: seeing a rainbow, being wed on a sunny day, seeing a black cat, meeting a chimney sweep.

  • On the other hand, there are many bad omens as well. These include: seeing a pig, a rabbit, or a lizard run across the road, seeing an open grave, having a monk or nun tell the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be that the woman is barren.

  • If the groom drops the wedding ring during the ceremony, this is thought to be a sign of a doomed marriage.

  • The bride must walk into their new home by the front door and cannot trip or fall. This is how the tradition of the man carrying the bride over the threshold started.

  • It was also once believed that whoever falls asleep first on the wedding night will be the first to die.

  • Catching the bouquet is still a widely practiced tradition at many weddings. Whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

  • If a single woman attending the wedding is given a piece of wedding cake, she should take it home and sleep with it under her pillow. She will then dream of her future husband.

Marriage Tales

Marriage Tales

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